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Taster Pack

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Size: Choose between S,M,M/L, L

The Mixed size contains 5 x L, 10x M and 15x S

Our Dubai Roaches are fantastic little critters that are a super staple diet for your insect eating pet. When buying roaches your first reaction is OMG this creature is hideous and is not coming in my house!

But don't worry you will soon love to use these over your crickets or locusts. They have so many positives that you will wonder why you didn't make the swap sooner.  We have been supplying Dubia Roaches for almost 10 years and provide 100% organically fed insects free from pesticides and bred on a reduced protein diet (12% > 13%).


We ship all live food first class Royal Mail delivery, with heat pack supplied (where chosen). In extreme heat or cold weather we sometimes delay orders for the insects safety.

All parcels are clearly labelled with Live insects - and this is a requirement of Royal Mail shipping them and cannot be removed.

The insect food

Each box contains a plastic box with a egg carton inside and a small amount of Roach Food - this roach food will keep your insect alive for over a week but it does contain nuts!

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Briege - Midlothoan

No DoA's, constant contact throughout, extremely fast delivery, very good quality roaches! Taster pack is the perfect thing to get to let beardie try them out before committing to a larger purchase. Even with my second larger purchase of 200 there were absolutely no DoA's, all very active and looking healthy. Couldn't recommend enough. Have used the roach colony a few times myself and think this will be where I regularly get my supply from!

caroll - Emsworth Hants

Great communication as with a previous review i hate them make my skin crawl but they all arrived healthy Hewi our beardy polished them off ate about 20 in 10 mins so now ordering some more slightly bigger ones. Would reccomend this company.

James - Manchester

Constant contact on the orders, when it was recieved, being processed and when it was dispatched. talk aout ood service on the communication.

As with Carol mine were a tad on the "sleepy" side due to the post taking two days, Royal Mails fault, so the heat pack was cold, I am glad I paid the extra for it though as I am unsure what would have happened if I hadn't.

I would recommend Roach Colony to anyone who asked. saving up for my own starter colony, though as I only have a couple of tarantuals at the moment I have time.

Carol - Cannock, Staffs

Although the naughty postman didn't knock yesterday, so they only arrived today, apart from being sleepy from the cold, there were no DOA's in the tub. :-)

Personally I think these things are revolting, I'm stupidly scared of them and they make my skin crawl.  They're just... *shudders*.... bleugh.

They are perfect quality though, and very healthy looking, and Dexter, my bearded dragon really enjoyed them!

They are ideal for my bearded dragon, because they are sub-adult so not too crunchy, their meaty/chitin (crunchy exoskeleton) ratio is much better than that of crickets and morios. Meaning less indigestible content. Which has got to be good! (I don't think their adults are much more crunchy either, I don't know though)

I am going to save up for a colony, because feeding a bearded dragon does not come very cheap, but roaches seem to be value for money, especially as you can breed your own! (with the help of a colony to start you off!)

I heartily recommend these little buggers for all your insectivores' diets!

A Hardy little critter that beardies seem to love! :-)