Roach Guide

Welcome to our Roach Colony Guide

Dubia Roaches (scientific name: Blaptica Dubia) originate from Argentina, within a tropical rainforest, and as such they are used to a lot of heat and humidity.


How to keep them

The best way of keeping your roaches is to make sure their habitat mates those in their natural habitat:

Temperature: 80f-96f (gradient the temperature from hot to cool)
Humidity: 40%
Mold: 0% (mold can kill roaches but clogging their airways)
Size: Roaches like to be kept in close-knit colonies, however a large colony can live in our standard roach tub.

Food and Drink

Dubia roaches can be fed on a variety of protein mix, fruit and vegetables. However when you start a colony you will not see a huge drop in food from day to day or sometimes from week to week. Our large colonies however do need a LOT of food and you can see a few photos of what we feed our colonies on Facebook.

Our roach food is 100% organic! BOTH our dry and fresh food is sourced from human grade produce and has an overall protein mix of 12%! This is important to not only keep our roaches healthy but to reduce the amount of uric acid present and to make a healthier feeding roach for your pet!

We have a tub of aqua crystals placed in a dual feeding bowl to help keep that moisture content above 40% and using these keeps the water clean for smaller roaches without the risk of them drowning.If you wo