Nutritional Chart

63.8% - 10.6% 76%
35.6% - 6.75% 61.18%
15.5% 7.7% 22.2% 62%
21.3% 3.2% 6.0% 70%
41% - 5.25% 62.3%

Dubia roaches may not be the highest live food in protein however their low chitin levels, high protein and low fat make them the idea feeder insects for your pet.

In comparison to crickets, they are 7x meatier (large to large) and a lot healthier, without the risk of parasite infection.

12% Protein Feed
And with just 12% protein feed our roaches have been specifically fed to reduce the amount of uric acid present in their bodies which makes them a healthier choice for your pet!

Our commitment to quality has ensured we provide our roaches with only organic produce fit for human consumption. This includes not only the fresh vegetables with provide but also the dry roach mix.

The main reason for this is to ensure our roaches ingest as little insecticide and other contaminants as possible for not only their health but also your pets. Our dry roach food is a blend of super ingredients that will not only promote the health of our colonies but also reduce any future health complications for the animals that feed on them. A few key ingredients are:

Uric Acid

Over recent years uric acid has been noted to accumulate in the bodies of Dubia Roaches as part of their natural ability to store protein for future use. This is in itself harmless for the insects however it can impact on the health of reptiles that feed on them. Reptiles in general cannot store uric acid and so have to expel this through their kidneys which adds extra stress to the animals. In certain circumstances uric acid can also contribute to arthritis.