Medium 30x Dubia Roaches

Medium 30x Dubia Roaches

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Size: 5mm - 8mm approx

Our Dubai Roaches are fantastic little critters that are a super staple diet for your insect eating pet. When buying roaches your first reaction is OMG this creature is hideous and is not coming in my house!

But don't worry you will soon love to use these over your crickets or locusts. They have so many positives that you will wonder why you didn't make the swap sooner.  We have been supplying Dubia Roaches for almost 10 years and provide 100% organically fed insects free from pesticides and bred on a reduced protein diet (12% > 13%).


We ship all live food first class Royal Mail delivery, with heat pack supplied (where chosen). In extreme heat or cold weather we sometimes delay orders for the insects safety.

All parcels are clearly labelled with Live insects - and this is a requirement of Royal Mail shipping them and cannot be removed.

The insect food

Each box contains a plastic box with a egg carton inside and a small amount of Roach Food - this roach food will keep your insect alive for over a week but it does contain nuts!

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Debbie - Hartlepool
My Bearded dragon had hardley ate anything for 3 weeks! I got my Dubia delivered yesterday and I cannot give him them fast enough!! he loves them!! he ate more in that one day than he has for 3 weeks, I've just ordered larger ones see if he likes those, great fast delivery too, thank you. Also thanks to The Feeder Store for sharing the link to this site.
Jim - Leeds
These are great for getting your own back on a cheating landlord. Perfect revenge
Christine - Anglesey
Roaches always arrive in good condition and in good time, thank you
Stacie - Edinburgh
Amazing fast delivery looking forward to trying these on my juvi Leo after she has shed :)