Small x 50 Dubia Roaches
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 50x Dubia Roaches - Small Pack

Size: 2mm- 4mm

Perfect size for baby beardies and small lizards, snakes or spiders. This size of roach looks like a woodlouse, and will not cause impactation in your little lizard.

We ship all our live stock from Monday through to Thursday, 1st class royal mail and in winter, a heatpack option is available to ensure they arrive with you healthy (See delivery options).

Dubia Roaches however arsusceptible to cold and in extreme conditions we may hold your order until the weather improves. If this happens you will be notified immediately.

Dubia Roaches or  Blaptica Dubia were originally shipped from Argentina, French Guyana and Brazil, all are tropical climates and as such these roaches are less hardy than its larger cousins. This ensures they will not survive for long or breed outside of their roach hotels within the UK.

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