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Egg Trays
Heat Mat
Aqua Crystals
Roach Food
Mesh Type
Nylon Mesh Colour
Inner Mesh - Plastic

Here you can build a standard roach hotel from the bottom up!

Just choose your insect mesh colour, number of egg cartons, food, aqua crystals, and heat mat!

Our Standard Roach Hotel can hold up to 1000 Adult females and their males, however once they start breeding their babies will need seperating to avoid over crowding.

600 females and their brood however will fit in perfectly!

57 Litre Capacity

Internal External
Length: 45cm 60cm
Width: 29cm 39cm
Height: 37cm 40.5cm

Plastic Mesh: Fitted into the lid using heated glue and no sharp edges visible.
Nylon Mesh: Fitted into the lid of the tubs with super stong industrial double sided tape. Optional thick plastic mesh support can be added to this option.
Egg Trays: Our standard Egg Trays are GREY.
Heat mat used is a brand new 20W Lucky Reptile heat mat which fits nicely to the side or under the tub.
Aqua Crystals: Normally come dry in a box (with lid) .

Note: Due to each Hotel has to be custom built delivery can take another 2 working days.

Our Hotels are shipped as they are (without a box) however the underside is protected by celowrapped completely around to protect against scrapes. Due to the nature of the tubs, they are highly resiliant to posting.

Due to each Roach Hotel being unique to each customer they can take 2 working days to complete.


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