Dubia Roaches
Blaptica dubia or Dubia Roaches. 36% Protein!

Madagascan Hissing Roaches
Very large roaches can be fed to reptiles and snakes which like larger insects

Feeding & Drinking Products
Feeding bowls, roach food, and much more!

All those little items you couldnt live without - for BOTH roaches and lizards! Egg Tray, cleaning products and traps!

Probes & Thermostats
Thermometers and Hygrometers galore! And now Habistat thermostats!

Heating and Light
Heatmats, bulbs and fixings for your vivarium.

Heat & Light Controllers
Our range of Habistat controllers for heat mats and basking spot bulbs!

Decoration & Substrate
Our range of vivarium decoration and substrate for yor reptile, invert or snake!

Our range of suppliments from Exo Terra to help keep your pet healthy and well

Our range of medication for reptiles

Our range of cleaning products to help keep your pets vivarium spotless and healthy.

Our range of reptile breeding products to help you raise the next generation! For Dubia Roaches see our Hotels in Accessories.

Hexbugs - Robotic Insects!
Just because we thought these little guys were cute, and the Hexbug - Ant looked a little like a roach. So get your own robotic insects today!

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